Family Wealth Alliance 2022 Young Professionals Award

We are pleased to share that Lauren Wood, CFA, CFP®, Wealth Manager and Shareholder at Wetherby Asset Management, has been honored with a Family Wealth Alliance Young Professionals Award.

These awards honor what the Family Wealth Alliance (FWA) calls “the industry’s rising stars for the success they have already achieved in their careers, their contributions to our industry and their potential for the future.” The winners were selected by a panel of third-party judges. They were chosen based on a number of elements, including their insights into the industry and the demonstrated impact they have already had on their clients and the industry. Questions the judges considered as they reviewed applications included “Does the candidate seem to focus on putting clients’ interests above their own?” This resonates particularly with our work as a firm and with the meaningful relationships Lauren has developed with her clients.

The FWA is a selective membership organization focused exclusively on North American multifamily wealth firms. Their membership includes multifamily offices, high-end wealth management firms, trust companies, and the family office practices of law and accounting firms.

We offer heartfelt congratulations to Lauren on this well-deserved award!

Accolades are presented for informational purposes only; no warranty is either expressed or implied by their presentation. Accolades may not be representative of actual or specific client experiences and should not be considered endorsements. Wetherby Asset Management LLC (Wetherby) acknowledges ratings reflect an average of all, or sample of all, of an advisor’s or the firm’s clients and thus may not be representative of any single client’s experience. Wetherby’s receipt of accolades should not be considered a guarantee of future performance results. Wetherby did not pay a fee for any employee to receive this award, however, did pay a membership fee to FWA.

Nominees for the award must be under the age of 40 as of January 1, 2022 and employed at an established or aspiring family wealth firm. Nominations were submitted by May 6, 2022. Nominees were judged based on three criteria, equally weighted and averaged together to calculate their overall score. Weighting was executed by a computerized scoring system and not by judges’ determination. Judges could abstain from judging a category or a nominee if they believed there was a conflict of interest. Judges provided their unbiased assessment of each candidate. Industry veterans volunteered to serve as judges for the 2022 Young Professionals Awards. All judges agreed to recuse themselves from discussing and voting on nominations with which he/she could be perceived as having a conflict of interest.

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