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Q3/16 Impact Investing Digest

Wetherby is pleased to share our Impact Investing Digest for the third quarter of 2016. This quarter’s digest highlights several product innovations in the impact investing space including the issuance of the first US environment impact bond to control storm water runoff in DC and the increased issuance of green bonds earmarked for conservation and sustainable land use. Additionally, the fossil fuel divest-invest movement continues to gain momentum with this issue’s headlines focused on the re-investment in clean energy with the release of the Carbon Clean 200, a list of the top public companies based on clean energy revenues, and the announcement of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s investment in Mainstream Renewable Power. We also highlight a new tool that provides transparency on mutual funds’ exposure to palm-oil-related holdings and share reports that examine the link between gender diversity and better performance as well as impact measurement and business value. Please feel free to reach out to your Wetherby team if you are interested in learning more.

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Q3/16 Newsletter

Markets: The markets were strong during the summer months, potentially in anticipation of better earnings in 2017, limited rate increases by the Federal Reserve, and a Hillary Clinton victory in November. Interest rates are low, global central banks are still extremely accommodative, and inflation is low; all of which are a positive for risk assets like equities. However, we do believe that, with all the crosscurrents at work, it would be imprudent to assume wholly positive outcomes.

Financial Planning: We provide 15 year-end tax considerations to help you navigate complexities and optimize your personal tax situation.

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Q2/16 Impact Investing Digest

Wetherby is pleased to share our Impact Investing Digest for the second quarter of 2016. This quarter’s digest highlights the ongoing mainstreaming of impact investing with its integration into business school curricula and its increasing prominence as a focal point for shareholder resolutions. Additionally, climate change and fossil fuel divestment continue to dominate headlines with intensifying investor pressure on Exxon Mobil to develop plans for addressing climate change risks and the Gates Foundation’s divestment of its entire holding in BP. We also wanted to share several reports on impact investing trends, including the Global Impact Investing Network’s sixth annual Impact Investor Survey and the Toniic Institute’s report on Millennials & Impact Investing, both of which underscore the growing momentum behind impact investing as well as the key challenges still facing the industry. Please feel free to reach out to your Wetherby team if you are interested in learning more.

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Q2/16 Newsletter

Markets: Compared to the fear-induced selloff and snap back in the first quarter, the second quarter was mostly quiet for global equities – that is until volatility spiked when the U.K. voted to exit the European Union (EU). In this quarter’s newsletter we review the 2nd quarter’s performance and share our observations on the growing anti-establishment sentiment in the West and the likely implications of the U.K. vote for the global economy and financial markets.

Financial Planning: We review the relative merits of buying versus leasing a car.

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Wetherby Asset Management Enhances Investment Research Capabilities

We are pleased to announce two enhancements to our research and investment resources: the hiring of Equity Senior Research Analyst Jonathan Brody, CFA, who will focus on equity manager selection, and our engagement with Colonial Consulting as a resource for external research.

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