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Q1/16 Newsletter

Markets: Equity markets rallied in the last several weeks of the quarter, after a sharp sell-off early on. The U.S. economy still appears reasonably resilient, outside of the energy sector. Forecasts for a rebound in global growth are highly dependent on renewed strength in certain struggling emerging market countries and improved energy fundamentals. In this quarter’s newsletter we review the 1st quarter’s performance and discuss our observations on the economy and the outlook across various asset classes.

Financial Planning: Medicare; Tax-Related Identity Theft and Fraud

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Q4/15 Impact Investing Digest

Wetherby is pleased to unveil our inaugural quarterly Impact Investing Digest. Our impact team will publish a diverse array of articles and reports to continue to inform our clients about ongoing developments in the impact investing field. If you wish to dig deeper into any of this content, please feel free to reach out to your Wetherby team. We are happy to discuss how these emerging themes and trends can translate into the introduction or deeper integration of impact into your portfolio. An exciting theme we saw this month was a renewed push for more sustainable investing options – similar to Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management – coming out of COP21. Additionally, several articles outline financial advisors’ growing focus on impact investing and found that much of this interest is coming from millennial clients. We are excited to support clients in their efforts to join this growing movement!

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Q4/15 Newsletter

Markets: As the 4th quarter of 2015 draws to a close and 2016 begins, equity markets essentially stalled and performance has turned negative. Global fundamentals are being negatively influenced by the continued slowdown in China as well as the fall in basic materials. The Fed decided the time was right to begin raising short-term interest rates in December of 2015 and expectations are that they will continue to raise rates slowly during 2016 while other global central banks are expected to remain accommodative. In this quarter’s newsletter we review the 4th quarter’s performance and discuss our outlook for 2016.

Financial Planning: Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILIT)

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Q3/15 Newsletter

Markets: As the 3rd quarter of 2015 draws to a close, market volatility is high, the global economy appears to be in flux, and equity returns year-to-date have turned negative. A slowdown in China, weakness in other emerging markets, a continued slump in commodity prices, and continued uncertainty over the timing of the Fed’s first interest rate hike all combined to cause severe turbulence in the global financial markets for the quarter. As long-term investors, we remain focused on what is truly meaningful for the longer-term. In this quarter’s newsletter we attempt to paint a clear picture of our thinking on the current environment and how it informs the way we continue to position portfolios to weather a number of scenarios that might unfold.

Financial Planning: Tax Planning

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Welcome Justina Lai as Director of Impact Investing

We’re pleased to announce Justina Lai as the newest addition to Wetherby Asset Management

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