Investment Philosophy & Process

You are unique, and your investment portfolio should reflect that. At Wetherby, we get to know you as an individual—your needs, goals, and risk tolerance. We then construct a portfolio blending your unique circumstances and our view of the world of investment opportunities.


The Value of the Wetherby Approach

At our core, we are patient, long-term investors who believe diversification and discipline help achieve both growth and protection. We look for opportunity and value, and for ways to lower the cost of managing your money and increase tax efficiency.

Because we take a long-term view toward investing, we customize your portfolio with the goal of minimizing ups and downs. Lower volatility can result in greater comfort and peace of mind.

We create for each of our clients a strategic business plan for investing that brings vision, structure and discipline to the preservation and growth of capital, often over multiple generations. Find out how.

Our Investment Process

We work with our clients in a continuous and dynamic wealth management process as their goals and objectives evolve.


It starts with you: your goals, concerns, and preferences. Are you an impact investor? Do you have a low risk tolerance? Do you have charitable or legacy goals?


We monitor global economic trends and indicators to assess the growth prospects for multiple asset classes. We apply a disciplined asset allocation strategy that emphasizes asset classes with the potential to outperform.

Implement Intelligently

We skillfully combine active and passive management, integrating passive strategies to reduce fees and taxes. We use active managers to increase risk-adjusted returns, while taking advantage of private markets, sub-asset classes, and niche ideas for growth.


As your goals and objectives evolve over time, we’ll be sure this is reflected in your portfolio.

Portfolio Construction

Three key steps in our portfolio construction process:

1. Asset Allocation

We believe that diversifying investments across multiple asset classes is central to successful, long-term investment management.

2. Manager Selection

We use a rigorous and thorough methodology to identify active managers who can produce strong risk-adjusted results.

3. Implementation

We are diligent in our implementation process with a dedicated eye toward minimizing trading costs. Our goal is best execution with minimal risk to our clients.

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