What We Do

Wetherby Asset Management is a recognized leader in investment management and wealth planning. Our goals are to provide great risk-adjusted returns and exceptional service to every one of our clients.

Exceptional Service

“We serve clients the way they want to be served” captures our attitude towards client service. Some clients want to be actively involved—others don’t. Some enjoy regular face-to-face meetings, while others prefer e-mail updates. There’s no single solution.

“We never focused on sales or size; we always have focused on service.”

—Deb Wetherby | Financial Advisor Magazine

Our team at Wetherby prides itself on providing truly exceptional service to every one of our clients. How do we measure that? High client retention rate. The number of clients who have been with us for 10, 15 and 20+ years, including multiple generations in the same family. The fact that our greatest source of new client referrals is our existing clients. Recognition in national and financial press and prominence in industry rankings. These are all important, but what exceptional service means is really quite personal, and that’s defined by each client and their Wetherby team.

A number of our employees have an ownership stake in the firm. We believe their engagement and passion translate directly into exceptional client service. We also think you’ll notice this spirit of ownership in everyone on our team. It’s our client relationships that give us the greatest sense of pride and make us excited about coming to work every day.

Our Services

As a wealth management firm, we focus on portfolio management and wealth planning.

Portfolio Management

We customize and construct portfolios to meet the individual needs of our clients. You’ll work with a dedicated team of wealth managers, and you’ll also benefit from the experience of our investment committee, comprised of other wealth managers and research analysts. You get a breadth of perspectives and creative thinking, which translates to better results.

Wealth Planning

We conduct a complete assessment of each client’s financial objectives and life goals before developing a comprehensive plan. We’ll adapt and reshape the plan depending on life changes, offering a holistic view and giving you informed, intelligent advice appropriate for your circumstances.

Wealth Management Expertise

We tailor every plan to the unique circumstances and values of each client: individual, family, or institution. We also work with an extensive network of outside professionals who complement our services. Our advice can address:

Asset Allocation

Manager Selection

Cash Flow Analysis

Tax and Estate Planning

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Impact Investing

Retirement Planning

Philanthropic Planning

Education Funding

Insurance Analysis

Equity Ownership and Stock Option Advice

Asset Allocation and Tax Efficiency

The Wetherby Difference

When you hire Wetherby as your investment advisor, you get a lot more than a traditional offering. We’ve built a team of talented professionals to give you greater value. We use a research-driven approach to guide our investment recommendations, and we give you a variety of communication, education, and reporting options.


Our in-house research team reviews and evaluates asset classes and makes objective recommendations on investment strategies and vehicles.

Client Communication and Education

We’re dedicated to proactive communication and ongoing education for our clients. This includes regular written reports, in-person meetings, conference calls, quarterly newsletters, and seminars with expert speakers from Wetherby and other organizations.

Consolidated Reporting

We offer comprehensive quarterly reporting, including integrating assets not managed by Wetherby. This gives you a complete financial snapshot, with data updated daily on our secure website.

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